Goal: to design and deliver a well-functioning, inspiring product experience.



The initial phase of a project begins with a true study of the user, and establishing business goals. We'll work together to devise a solid roadmap to benefit your company through bringing value to your customers. Upon leaving this phase you will clearly understand design's role and methodology to deliver objective, measurable success. Requirements will be defined and easy to check in with throughout the duration of project using shared language that makes sense to everyone on the team. Typical topics associated with discovery include: business objectives, user research, content Inventory, user goals and technology selection.


2. Interaction Design

Content is king. In this phase we'll take a deep dive into the information architecture of your project–organizing, prioritizing and creating visual representations of the messages and multimedia needed to provide your users a clear, delightful experience interacting with your brand. In a world of infinite browsing devices, it's critical to pin down clearly what your users will absorb and engage with. Typical topics in this phase include: Wireframes, sitemaps, card-sorting, task flows, prototyping, usability flows and content migration planning. Think of this as establishing a strong foundation underlying your digital experience.


3: Visual Design

Visual design brings the brand aesthetic to life with high-fidelity mockups, prototypes, styleguides, and component libraries. I rely heavily on my past experience as a UX/UI design lead, copywriter, and front-end developer to enable effective visual design production. A beautiful, simplified design comes from the smart attention paid to your project in the previous three phases. 


4: Engineering

It’s release time! Wether it's a sprint, feature release, or product launch, I offer a smooth and secure handoff promoting optimized assets, technical documentation, and room for collaboration. While I don't focus on programming day to day, I understand and empathize with coding practitioners. I encourage A/B testing of all creative variables, and analytics testing to measure success of design at all critical conversion points determined in discovery phase.