Design is a Job

Here are a few anecdotes from an amazing book I picked up called, Design is a Job (Dan Brown). It's a concise, and powerful jolt of wisdom and philosophy that's relevant to any designer working today. Get the book here.

Some key points: 

  • While working constantly ask yourself why am i doing this and who benefits
  • Dont work in a bubble for too long:
  • No tasks longer than 2 weeks
  • Pull in other team members to validate your progress direction.
  • Instead of 1, 12 week project, go for 12, 1 week projects when estimating/scoping projects.
  • Prioritize lists visually and keep it concise or you'll lose motivation.
  • Make more small choices/decisions, its easier when you're wrong.
  • Don't copy competitors. Establish your value props against them. 
  • Be proud about providing less, especially if you’re a small business. It can be easier and more quality focused.
  • Build an audience by teaching them stuff! Be Informative and educational over promotional. It will create more loyalty.
  • Be genuine in all you do. Imperfections can foster real connection.
  • Writing is today's currency for good ideas. Hire the person who can write better (no matter what job it is).
  • Don't try to hide or spin bad news to your customers—the truth will eventually surface anyway.
  • If you Apologize, accept responsibility, explain your actions to prevent it occurring next time. Think how you'd feel if you were given 'that' apology.
  • Get back to people quickly. Answer personally.
  • "Culture is the byproduct of consistent behavior." Don’t force culture.
  • If you're small company don't be afraid to sound 'small' in your tone of voice.
  • Write to be read. Keep personality.
  • Save emergency language for real emergencies!

Get the book here.