Tenant Energy Optimization Program


The Tenant Energy Optimization Program is a 10 step process championed by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to unite building owners and their commercial office tenants to save energy. The program outlines the process of creating a project team and evaluating the best strategy for energy conservation though construction and day to day tips for building occupants.


Project Overview

As lead designer for LION, I worked with Project Manager, Front-end developer and Marketing VP to produce a sleek screen experience and content strategy to educate and engage users about the program. Highlights of the design include a mobile-friendly, interactive 10 step process, case study browser, and custom Wordpress CMS for site administrators. 



  • 2017 Interactive Media Awards - Best in Class - Energy
  • 2017 Interactive Media Awards - Best in Class - Non-profit

Deliverables: wireframes, visual design, responsive design layouts, custom CMS design.

Collaborators: Melanie Starkey: VP of Digital Communications for ULI; Devan Gregori: Project Manager (LION); Macy David: Lead Developer (LION).

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